All tests are available

Swabs or urine tests
For Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea

Blood tests
We routinely offer HIV tests to everyone; you will be given all the information you need to make an informed choice

Syphilis: This is a treatable infection. See our ‘Symptom Checker’ for more information

Hepatitis B and C:  We will offer you this test if we feel you may be at risk

We also offer tests for:

Non-Specific Urethritis (men only)

Candida (thrush)
Bacterial vaginosis
(These infections are commonly found in women but men can be affected too).


HIV – You can also order a FREE HIV test online at the following link www.test.HIV

Chlamydia – If you are aged 15 – 24 and live in MK you can order a FREE Chlamydia test online at the following link: Online Chlamydia Test Ordering

For women we also offer:
A pelvic examination
Genital skin check

For men we also offer:
A testicular examination
A genital skin check


Symptom Checker

Please call us for advice and information about Sexually Transmitted infections.


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