Who is eligible for a free home sampling Chlamydia & GC testing kit?

Anyone under 25 who is a resident of Milton Keynes.  If you’re 25 or over, please contact 0300 303 8273 to arrange an appointment.


I’m eligible! What do I do next?

Simply complete the form below providing your name, date of birth and address so we can post your kit to you.  You should expect to receive the kit within 5 working days.

Our testing kits are free, discreet and confidential and are small enough to post through your letter box.  Full instructions on how to take a sample and complete the test at home can be found in the kit.


Contact form

Please note, there are a number of other tests available if you attend the main clinic or one of our outreach venues to see one of our doctors or nurses.  If you have symptoms, it is important to be seen by a medical professional.